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These simple questions will help speed your RFQ process:
1.) Alloy Specification?

We custom cast both aluminum and zinc. Our Standard alloys are the most cost effective way for us to die cast your product. Other alloys would require special handling and only higher quantities. Alloy specification (not die cast alloys) will require other casting methods. Often prototype materials are not die cast alloys, see Aluminum or Zinc for more information about the properties of our alloys, and if substitutions can be made.

2.) Quantity Requirements?

Quantity runs for us means as low as 500 pieces to orders in the hundreds of thousands. (You can use the form above to receive a complete checklist of information needed for existing tooling quotes.) We will even quote lower than our minimum for existing tooling, but must add a die setup charge.

3.) Is the part within our size range?

The following size and weight of parts range is just a general guideline. Part configuration and die design will be the final determinant if we can produce your part:

.1875" x .75" to 14" x 36"
1 oz to 10 lbs.
.125" x 1" to 13" x 32"
.5 oz to 12 lbs.

4.) Print or drawing with dimensions available?

To speed the quoting process this is a must. A sample (prototype) is very desirable.

For more information on our Die Casting Alloys see Aluminum and Zinc Properties
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